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What We Provide

TriloByte Designs was established in 1994. We have over 50 years experience combined in a wide range of disciplines. Including 44 years in engineering and 25 years 3D modelling experience.

If you have a tight deadline, we will do everything we can to assist getting your project back on schedule, including working outside normal office hours.



  • 3D CAD using Autocad Inventor

  • Create 3D models and manufacturing drawings

  • Create 3D assembly models with associative Assembly drawings

  • Create 3D exploded animations of models

  • Create exploded part drawings and parts lists / balloons

  • 2D CAD using Autocad

  • Modify 2D CAD drawings from supplied cad files

  • Create 2D schematic and electrical diagrams from scratch. ie Power circuits, Lighting circuits, Data, Overlay electrical, piping, and control circuits onto clients drawings.

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