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About TriloByte Land Management

I am Lisa Creaye-Griffin, sole proprietor of TriloByte Land Management.

I am passionate about land management, the importance of nature and the role it plays in our lives, for that reason I am also currently the Director of Surrey Nature Partnership, a role I undertake in my spare time.  However I also know how important nature and greenspace is for the health of us all, from providing our food, managing clean water and air and enabling us to immerse ourselves in nature where we can get away from the stresses and strains of life.

I have over thirty years experience of working in local authorities from the grass roots of inspecting rights of way and practical countryside management to managing a group who deliver, countryside management, supporting farmers, planning forestry work on site, and managing habitats and public access, including county side public rights of way networks.  In more recent years at the Surrey County Council, managed significant budgets to deliver capital works on the Estate and Canal and worked with partners to develop a new way to manage the countryside in Surrey.

I am also currently Chair the Surrey Parks and Countryside Forum and the Surrey Committee of the CLA (Country Land and Business Association)

TriloByte Land Management
Lisa Creaye- Griffin


01293 774747


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