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About TriloByte CAD Design

TriloByte Designs was established in 1994. We have over 50 years experience combined in a wide range of disciplines. Including 44 years in engineering and 25 years 3D modelling experience.

If you have a tight deadline, we will do everything we can to assist getting your project back on schedule, including working outside normal office hours.



  • 3D CAD using Autocad Inventor

  • Create 3D models and manufacturing drawings

  • Create 3D assembly models with associative Assembly drawings

  • Create 3D exploded animations of models

  • Create exploded part drawings and parts lists / balloons

  • 2D CAD using Autocad

  • Modify 2D CAD drawings from supplied cad files

  • Create 2D schematic and electrical diagrams from scratch. ie Power circuits, Lighting circuits, Data, Overlay electrical, piping, and control circuits onto clients drawings.

On and off site work includes:


  • Specialist projects for public utilities, purpose built machinery and detailed images for architects

  • We undertake projects to create all assembly drawings and manufactured component parts. This includes tolerances, sheet metal fabrication drawings in both the folded and flat pattern state. Drill tables from co-ordinates can also be derived.

2D CAD Projects 

Desk layouts - Dealing rooms.
Electrical Lighting, Power, Data overlays. commercial buildings. Restaurants. Catering
Commercial Catering equipment layouts.


Non-CAD Work:
Equipment Design
Special purpose machine for blind manufacture.
Chemical Pumping and rinsing station.
Vehicle mount herbicide/chemical spray equipment
Train mount herbicide/chemical spray equipment.
Window Cleaning Accessory equipment for Tower Blocks

3D CAD Projects 


3D Visualisation:

Rendering of buildings from floor plans.
Sun Shadow Tracking for worldwide positioning of awnings.
Conservatory 3D visuals.
Church extension (Interior and exterior) + sightlines
Building surveys (non-theodolite)
Military Vehicle.
Window opening mechanism visual.



Combined over 10 years of 3DS MAX experience, in both Engineering, architectural and animation fields. 



Heavy Steelwork:
Setting out CAD data for bases and scaffolding for Eden Biomes.

Steel fabrication drawings for Roll-on Roll-off ferries Terminals
Ground Steelwork fabrication drawings for numerous buildings around Paddington Basin.

'A' Frame Steelwork and internal arched bridge

Helix Staircase fabrication drawings and Assembly layouts.


Light Steelwork: 

(Fabrication drawings of all parts and assembly drawings with parts lists)

Tool Storage Boxes with gas strut openings and locks.

Vehicle bulkead sheet metal fabricated parts. Assembly drawings + flat patterns

Machined Parts:

Motorcycle engine components.
Diesel Engine components.
Production Tooling components for writing instruments.

cast motorcycle parts. (rapid prototyping)


Plastic Parts:

Layout Assembly drawings
Plastic Moulded cases (rapid prototyping)


Concept Work:
3D assembly and prototype drawings + animations:-
Undersea Tidal Energy Plant.
Water Treatment Plant.
Sewage Treatment Plant
Catering commercial plant layout.
Dealing room desk and computer room layouts.
Control Boxes with LCD displays and PCB's
Commercial Lighting Parts


Contact Us

TriloByte Designs Ltd.

Brian Griffin



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